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tx_rtehtmlarea_pi1 Class Reference

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Public Member Functions

 main ($conf)
 startHandler ($xml_parser, $tag, $attributes)
 endHandler ($xml_parser, $tag)
 spellCheckHandler ($xml_parser, $string)
 defaultHandler ($xml_parser, $string)

Public Attributes

 $prefixId = 'tx_rtehtmlarea_pi1'
 $scriptRelPath = 'pi1/class.tx_rtehtmlarea_pi1.php'
 $extKey = 'rtehtmlarea'
 $conf = array()
 $charset = 'utf-8'
 $parserCharset = 'utf-8'
 $misspelled = array()
 $wordCount = 0
 $suggestionCount = 0
 $suggestedWordCount = 0
 $pspellMode = 'normal'
 $forceCommandMode = 0
 $filePrefix = 'rtehtmlarea_'
 $uploadFolder = 'uploads/tx_rtehtmlarea/'
 $personalDictsArg = ''

Detailed Description

Spell checking plugin 'tx_rtehtmlarea_pi1' for the htmlArea RTE extension.

Stanislas Rolland <stanislas.rolland(arobas)>
class.tx_rtehtmlarea_pi1.php 1886 2006-12-20 13:38:31Z mundaun

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Member Function Documentation

tx_rtehtmlarea_pi1::main ( conf  ) 

Main class of Spell Checker plugin for Typo3 CMS

string $content: content to be displayed
array $conf: TS setup for the plugin
string content produced by the plugin

Definition at line 68 of file class.tx_rtehtmlarea_pi1.php.

References $conf, t3lib_div::_POST(), defaultHandler(), endHandler(), t3lib_div::getFileAbsFileName(), t3lib_div::inList(), t3lib_div::mkdir(), tslib_pibase::pi_loadLL(), tslib_pibase::pi_setPiVarDefaults(), spellCheckHandler(), startHandler(), t3lib_div::tempnam(), t3lib_div::trimExplode(), tslib_pibase::tslib_pibase(), and t3lib_div::unlink_tempfile().

Member Data Documentation

tx_rtehtmlarea_pi1::$conf = array()

Should normally be set in the main function with the TypoScript content passed to the method.

$conf[LOCAL_LANG][_key_] is reserved for Local Language overrides. $conf[userFunc] / $conf[includeLibs] reserved for setting up the USER / USER_INT object. See TSref

Reimplemented from tslib_pibase.

Definition at line 39 of file class.tx_rtehtmlarea_pi1.php.

Referenced by main().

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