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ADORecordSet_pdo Class Reference

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Public Member Functions

 ADORecordSet_pdo ($id, $mode=false)
 Init ()
 _initrs ()
FetchField ($fieldOffset=-1)
 _seek ($row)
 _fetch ()
 _close ()
 Fields ($colname)

Public Attributes

 $bind = false
 datetime in Unix format rs created -- for cached recordsets
 $databaseType = "pdo"
 $dataProvider = "pdo"

Detailed Description

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Member Function Documentation

& ADORecordSet_pdo::FetchField ( fieldOffset = -1  ) 

Get the ADOFieldObject of a specific column.

fieldoffset is the column position to access(0-based).
the ADOFieldObject for that column, or false.

Reimplemented from ADORecordSet.

Definition at line 504 of file

Referenced by Fields().

ADORecordSet_pdo::Fields ( colname  ) 

Get the value of a field in the current row by column name. Will not work if ADODB_FETCH_MODE is set to ADODB_FETCH_NUM.

colname is the field to access
the value of $colname column

Reimplemented from ADORecordSet.

Definition at line 548 of file

References FetchField().

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