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ADORecordSet_odbc Class Reference

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Public Member Functions

 ADORecordSet_odbc ($id, $mode=false)
FetchField ($fieldOffset=-1)
 Fields ($colname)
 _initrs ()
 _seek ($row)
GetArrayLimit ($nrows, $offset=-1)
 MoveNext ()
 _fetch ()
 _close ()

Public Attributes

 $bind = false
 datetime in Unix format rs created -- for cached recordsets
 $databaseType = "odbc"
 $dataProvider = "odbc"

Detailed Description

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Member Function Documentation

& ADORecordSet_odbc::FetchField ( fieldOffset = -1  ) 

Get the ADOFieldObject of a specific column.

fieldoffset is the column position to access(0-based).
the ADOFieldObject for that column, or false.

Reimplemented from ADORecordSet.

Definition at line 627 of file

Referenced by Fields().

ADORecordSet_odbc::Fields ( colname  ) 

Get the value of a field in the current row by column name. Will not work if ADODB_FETCH_MODE is set to ADODB_FETCH_NUM.

colname is the field to access
the value of $colname column

Reimplemented from ADORecordSet.

Definition at line 642 of file

References FetchField().

& ADORecordSet_odbc::GetArrayLimit ( nrows,
offset = -1 

return recordset as a 2-dimensional array. Helper function for ADOConnection->SelectLimit()

offset is the row to start calculations from (1-based)
[nrows] is the number of rows to return
an array indexed by the rows (0-based) from the recordset

Reimplemented from ADORecordSet.

Definition at line 674 of file

References ADORecordSet::GetArray(), ADORecordSet::GetRowAssoc(), ADORecordSet::Move(), and MoveNext().

ADORecordSet_odbc::MoveNext (  ) 

Move to next record in the recordset.

true if there still rows available, or false if there are no more rows (EOF).

Reimplemented from ADORecordSet.

Definition at line 700 of file

References ADORecordSet::GetRowAssoc().

Referenced by GetArrayLimit().

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