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Todo List

Member SC_mod_tools_em_index::installExtension ($extKey, $version=null, $mode=EM_INSTALL_VERSION_MIN)
Make the method able to handle needed interaction somehow (unmatched dependencies)

Member t3lib_div::validPathStr ($theFile)
Possible improvement: Should it rawurldecode the string first to check if any of these characters is encoded ?

Member t3lib_sqlengine::readDataSource ($table)
Table locking tools?

Member t3lib_sqlengine::saveDataSource ($table)
Table locking tools?

Member t3lib_TStemplate::getFromMPmap ($pageId=0)
Implement some caching of the result between hits. (more than just the memory caching used here)

Member t3lib_TStemplate::mergeConstantsFromPageTSconfig ($constArray)
Apply caching to the parsed Page TSconfig. This is done in the other similar functions for both frontend and backend. However, since this functions works for BOTH frontend and backend we will have to either write our own local caching function or (more likely) detect if we are in FE or BE and use caching functions accordingly. Not having caching affects mostly the backend modules inside the "Template" module since the overhead in the frontend is only seen when TypoScript templates are parsed anyways (after which point they are cached anyways...)

Member tslib_cObj::addParams ($content, $conf)
Make it XHTML compatible. Will not present "/>" endings of tags right now. Further getting the tagname might fail if it is not separated by a normal space from the attributes. &tx_extrepmgm_pi1[extUid]=270&tx_extrepmgm_pi1[tocEl]=325&cHash=ae4272e694 Member tslib_cObj::TCAlookup ($inputValue, $conf) It would be nice it this function basically looked up any type of value, db-relations etc. Member tx_impexp_clickmenu::main (&$backRef, $menuItems, $table, $uid) Skinning for icons... Member tx_install::cleanupManager () Add more functionality ... Member ux_t3lib_DB::debug_explain ($query) Not supporting other than the default handler? And what about DBMS of other kinds than MySQL - support for EXPLAIN? Namespace TYPO3 Need to really extend this class when the tcemain library has been updated and the whole API is better defined. There are some known bugs in this library. Further it would be nice with a facility to not only analyze but also clean up!

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