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tx_sv_auth Class Reference

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Public Member Functions

 getUser ()
 authUser ($user)
 getGroups ($user, $knownGroups)
 getSubGroups ($grList, $idList='', &$groups)

Detailed Description

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Member Function Documentation

tx_sv_auth::getUser (  ) 

Find a user (eg. look up the user record in database when a login is sent)

mixed user array or false

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References t3lib_div::arrayToLogString(), t3lib_div::devLog(), tx_sv_authbase::fetchUserRecord(), and tx_sv_authbase::writelog().

tx_sv_auth::authUser ( user  ) 

Authenticate a user (Check various conditions for the user that might invalidate its authentication, eg. password match, domain, IP, etc.)

array Data of user.

Definition at line 89 of file class.tx_sv_auth.php.

References tx_sv_authbase::compareUident(), t3lib_div::devLog(), and tx_sv_authbase::writelog().

tx_sv_auth::getGroups ( user,

Find usergroup records, currently only for frontend

array Data of user.
array Group data array of already known groups. This is handy if you want select other related groups. Keys in this array are unique IDs of those groups.
mixed Groups array, keys = uid which must be unique

Definition at line 129 of file class.tx_sv_auth.php.

References t3lib_div::cmpIP(), t3lib_div::devLog(), and getSubGroups().

tx_sv_auth::getSubGroups ( grList,
idList = '',
&$  groups 

Fetches subgroups of groups. Function is called recursively for each subgroup. Function was previously copied from t3lib_userAuthGroup->fetchGroups and has been slightly modified.

string Commalist of fe_groups uid numbers
string List of already processed fe_groups-uids so the function will not fall into a eternal recursion.
array private

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References t3lib_div::inList(), and t3lib_div::intExplode().

Referenced by getGroups().

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