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tx_lowlevel_cleaner_core Class Reference

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Public Member Functions

 tx_lowlevel_cleaner_core ()
 cli_main ($argv)
 cli_referenceIndexCheck ()
 cli_noExecutionCheck ($matchString)
 cli_printInfo ($header, $res)
 genTree ($rootID, $depth=1000, $echoLevel=0, $callBack='')
 genTree_traverse ($rootID, $depth, $echoLevel=0, $callBack='', $versionSwapmode='', $rootIsVersion=0, $accumulatedPath='')
 infoStr ($rec)

Public Attributes

 $genTree_traverseDeleted = TRUE
 $genTree_traverseVersions = TRUE
 $label_infoString = 'The list of records is organized as [table]:[uid]:[field]:[flexpointer]:[softref_key]'
 $pagetreePlugins = array()
 $cleanerModules = array()

Detailed Description

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Member Function Documentation

tx_lowlevel_cleaner_core::tx_lowlevel_cleaner_core (  ) 



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References t3lib_cli::cli_help().

tx_lowlevel_cleaner_core::cli_main ( argv  ) 

CLI engine

array Command line arguments

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References t3lib_cli::cli_echo(), t3lib_cli::cli_help(), t3lib_cli::cli_isArg(), t3lib_cli::cli_keyboardInput_yes(), cli_printInfo(), cli_referenceIndexCheck(), t3lib_cli::cli_validateArgs(), t3lib_extMgm::extPath(), and t3lib_div::getUserObj().

tx_lowlevel_cleaner_core::cli_referenceIndexCheck (  ) 

Checks reference index

boolean TRUE if reference index was OK (either OK, updated or ignored)

Definition at line 193 of file class.tx_lowlevel_cleaner_core.php.

References t3lib_cli::cli_echo(), t3lib_div::inList(), and t3lib_div::makeInstance().

Referenced by cli_main().

tx_lowlevel_cleaner_core::cli_noExecutionCheck ( matchString  ) 

[type] $matchString: ...
string If string, it's the reason for not executing. Returning FALSE means it should execute.

Definition at line 228 of file class.tx_lowlevel_cleaner_core.php.

References t3lib_cli::cli_argValue(), t3lib_cli::cli_isArg(), and t3lib_cli::cli_keyboardInput_yes().

Referenced by tx_lowlevel_versions::main_autoFix(), tx_lowlevel_orphan_records::main_autoFix(), tx_lowlevel_missing_relations::main_autoFix(), tx_lowlevel_missing_files::main_autoFix(), tx_lowlevel_lost_files::main_autoFix(), tx_lowlevel_double_files::main_autoFix(), tx_lowlevel_deleted::main_autoFix(), and tx_lowlevel_cleanflexform::main_autoFix().

tx_lowlevel_cleaner_core::cli_printInfo ( header,

Formats a result array from a test so it fits output in the shell

string name of the test (eg. function name)
array Result array from an analyze function
void Outputs with echo - capture content with output buffer if needed.

Definition at line 251 of file class.tx_lowlevel_cleaner_core.php.

References t3lib_cli::cli_argValue(), t3lib_cli::cli_echo(), t3lib_cli::cli_isArg(), and t3lib_div::intInRange().

Referenced by cli_main().

tx_lowlevel_cleaner_core::genTree ( rootID,
depth = 1000,
echoLevel = 0,
callBack = '' 

Traverses the FULL/part of page tree, mainly to register ALL validly connected records (to find orphans) but also to register deleted records, versions etc. Output (in $this->recStats) can be useful for multiple purposes.

integer Root page id from where to start traversal. Use "0" (zero) to have full page tree (necessary when spotting orphans, otherwise you can run it on parts only)
integer Depth to traverse. zero is do not traverse at all. 1 = 1 sublevel, 1000= 1000 sublevels (all...)
boolean If >0, will echo information about the traversal process.
string Call back function (from this class or subclass)

Definition at line 331 of file class.tx_lowlevel_cleaner_core.php.

References t3lib_BEfunc::deleteClause(), and genTree_traverse().

Referenced by tx_lowlevel_versions::main(), tx_lowlevel_orphan_records::main(), tx_lowlevel_deleted::main(), and tx_lowlevel_cleanflexform::main().

tx_lowlevel_cleaner_core::genTree_traverse ( rootID,
echoLevel = 0,
callBack = '',
versionSwapmode = '',
rootIsVersion = 0,
accumulatedPath = '' 

Recursive traversal of page tree:

integer Page root id (must be online, valid page record - or zero for page tree root)
integer Depth
integer Echo Level
string Call back function (from this class or subclass)
string DON'T set from outside, internal. (indicates we are inside a version of a page)
integer DON'T set from outside, internal. (1: Indicates that rootID is a version of a page, 2: ...that it is even a version of a version (which triggers a warning!)
string Internal string that accumulates the path
void private

Definition at line 370 of file class.tx_lowlevel_cleaner_core.php.

References t3lib_BEfunc::deleteClause(), t3lib_BEfunc::getRecordRaw(), t3lib_div::intInRange(), and t3lib_BEfunc::selectVersionsOfRecord().

Referenced by genTree().

tx_lowlevel_cleaner_core::infoStr ( rec  ) 

Compile info-string

array Input record from sys_refindex
string String identifying the main record of the reference

Definition at line 561 of file class.tx_lowlevel_cleaner_core.php.

Referenced by tx_lowlevel_rte_images::main(), tx_lowlevel_missing_relations::main(), tx_lowlevel_missing_files::main(), and tx_lowlevel_double_files::main().

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