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tx_indexedsearch_crawlerhook Class Reference

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 initMessage ()
 indexOperation ($cfgRec, &$session_data, $params, &$pObj)

Detailed Description

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Member Function Documentation

tx_indexedsearch_crawlerhook::initMessage (  ) 

Function is called when an indexing session starts according to the time intervals set for the indexing configuration.

string Return a text string for the first, initiating queue entry for the crawler.

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tx_indexedsearch_crawlerhook::indexOperation ( cfgRec,
&$  session_data,
&$  pObj 

This will do two things: 1) Carry out actual indexing of content (one or more items) 2) Add one or more new entries into the crawlers queue so we are called again (another instance) for further indexing in the session (optional of course, if all indexing is done, we add no new entries)

array Indexing Configuration Record (the record which holds the information that lead to this indexing session...)
array Session data variable. Passed by reference. Changed content is saved and passed back upon next instance in the session.
array Params array from the queue entry.
object Grant Parent Object (from "crawler" extension)
object Parent Object (from "indexed_search" extension)

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References t3lib_div::makeInstance().

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