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tslib_jsmenu Class Reference

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Public Member Functions

 generate ()
 writeMenu ()
 generate_level ($levels, $count, $pid, $menuItemArray='', $MP_array=array())

Detailed Description

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Member Function Documentation

tslib_jsmenu::generate (  ) 

Dummy. Should do nothing, because we don't use the result-array here!


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tslib_jsmenu::writeMenu (  ) 

Creates the HTML (mixture of a <form> and a JavaScript section) for the JavaScript menu (basically an array of selector boxes with onchange handlers)

string The HTML code for the menu

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tslib_jsmenu::generate_level ( levels,
menuItemArray = '',
MP_array = array() 

Generates a number of lines of JavaScript code for a menu level. Calls itself recursively for additional levels.

integer Number of levels to generate
integer Current level being generated - and if this number is less than $levels it will call itself recursively with $count incremented
integer Page id of the starting point.
array $this->menuArr passed along
array Previous MP vars
string JavaScript code lines. private

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