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t3lib_cli Class Reference

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Public Member Functions

 t3lib_cli ()
 cli_getArgArray ($option, $argv)
 cli_isArg ($option)
 cli_argValue ($option, $idx=0)
 cli_getArgIndex ()
 cli_validateArgs ()
 cli_keyboardInput ()
 cli_keyboardInput_yes ($msg='')
 cli_echo ($string='', $force=FALSE)
 cli_help ()
 cli_indent ($str, $indent)

Public Attributes

 $cli_args = array()
 $stdin = NULL

Detailed Description

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Member Function Documentation

t3lib_cli::t3lib_cli (  ) 

Constructor Make sure child classes also call this!


Definition at line 86 of file class.t3lib_cli.php.

References cli_getArgIndex().

t3lib_cli::cli_getArgArray ( option,

Finds the arg token (like "-s") in argv and returns the rest of argv from that point on. This should only be used in special cases since this->cli_args should already be prepared with an index of values!

string Option string, eg. "-s"
array Input argv array
array Output argv array with all options AFTER the found option.

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t3lib_cli::cli_isArg ( option  ) 

Return true if option is found

string Option string, eg. "-s"
boolean TRUE if option found

Definition at line 116 of file class.t3lib_cli.php.

Referenced by tx_lowlevel_cleaner_core::cli_main(), tx_lowlevel_cleaner_core::cli_noExecutionCheck(), tx_lowlevel_cleaner_core::cli_printInfo(), tx_lowlevel_versions::main(), tx_lowlevel_deleted::main(), tx_lowlevel_cleanflexform::main(), and tx_lowlevel_versions::main_autoFix().

t3lib_cli::cli_argValue ( option,
idx = 0 

Return argument value

string Option string, eg. "-s"
integer Value index, default is 0 (zero) = the first one...
boolean TRUE if option found

Definition at line 127 of file class.t3lib_cli.php.

Referenced by tx_lowlevel_cleaner_core::cli_noExecutionCheck(), tx_lowlevel_cleaner_core::cli_printInfo(), tx_lowlevel_versions::main(), tx_lowlevel_orphan_records::main(), tx_lowlevel_lost_files::main(), tx_lowlevel_deleted::main(), and tx_lowlevel_cleanflexform::main().

t3lib_cli::cli_getArgIndex (  ) 

Will parse "_SERVER[argv]" into an index of options and values Argument names (eg. "-s") will be keys and values after (eg. "-s value1 value2 ..." or "-s=value1") will be in the array. Array is empty if no values


Definition at line 138 of file class.t3lib_cli.php.

References $cli_options.

Referenced by t3lib_cli().

t3lib_cli::cli_validateArgs (  ) 

Validates if the input arguments in this->cli_args are all listed in this->cli_options and if not, will exit with an error.

Definition at line 162 of file class.t3lib_cli.php.

References t3lib_div::trimExplode().

Referenced by tx_lowlevel_cleaner_core::cli_main().

t3lib_cli::cli_keyboardInput (  ) 

Asks stdin for keyboard input and returns the line (after enter is pressed)


Definition at line 203 of file class.t3lib_cli.php.

Referenced by cli_keyboardInput_yes().

t3lib_cli::cli_keyboardInput_yes ( msg = ''  ) 

Asks for Yes/No from shell and returns true if "y" or "yes" is found as input.

string String to ask before...
boolean TRUE if "y" or "yes" is the input (case insensitive)

Definition at line 221 of file class.t3lib_cli.php.

References cli_keyboardInput(), and t3lib_div::inList().

Referenced by tx_lowlevel_cleaner_core::cli_main(), and tx_lowlevel_cleaner_core::cli_noExecutionCheck().

t3lib_cli::cli_echo ( string = '',
force = FALSE 

Echos strings to shell, but respective silent-modes

string The string
boolean If string should be written even if -s is set (-ss will subdue it!)
boolean Returns TRUE if string was outputted.

Definition at line 233 of file class.t3lib_cli.php.

Referenced by cli_help(), tx_lowlevel_cleaner_core::cli_main(), tx_lowlevel_cleaner_core::cli_printInfo(), and tx_lowlevel_cleaner_core::cli_referenceIndexCheck().

t3lib_cli::cli_help (  ) 

Prints help-output from ->cli_help array


Definition at line 248 of file class.t3lib_cli.php.

References cli_echo(), and cli_indent().

Referenced by tx_lowlevel_cleaner_core::cli_main(), tx_lowlevel_versions::main(), tx_lowlevel_rte_images::main(), tx_lowlevel_orphan_records::main(), tx_lowlevel_missing_relations::main(), tx_lowlevel_missing_files::main(), tx_lowlevel_lost_files::main(), tx_lowlevel_double_files::main(), tx_lowlevel_deleted::main(), tx_lowlevel_cleanflexform::main(), tx_lowlevel_cleaner_core::tx_lowlevel_cleaner_core(), tx_lowlevel_cleanflexform::tx_lowlevel_cleanflexform(), tx_lowlevel_deleted::tx_lowlevel_deleted(), tx_lowlevel_double_files::tx_lowlevel_double_files(), tx_lowlevel_lost_files::tx_lowlevel_lost_files(), tx_lowlevel_missing_files::tx_lowlevel_missing_files(), tx_lowlevel_missing_relations::tx_lowlevel_missing_relations(), tx_lowlevel_orphan_records::tx_lowlevel_orphan_records(), tx_lowlevel_rte_images::tx_lowlevel_rte_images(), and tx_lowlevel_versions::tx_lowlevel_versions().

t3lib_cli::cli_indent ( str,

Indentation function for 75 char wide lines.

string String to break and indent.
integer Number of space chars to indent.
string Result

Definition at line 286 of file class.t3lib_cli.php.

Referenced by cli_help().

Member Data Documentation


Initial value:

                array('-s','Silent operation, will only output errors and important messages.'),
                array('--silent','Same as -s'),
                array('-ss','Super silent, will not even output errors or important messages.'),

Definition at line 63 of file class.t3lib_cli.php.

Referenced by cli_getArgIndex().


Initial value:

                        'name' => 'CLI base class (overwrite this...)',
                        'synopsis' => '###OPTIONS###',
                        'description' => 'Class with basic functionality for CLI scripts (overwrite this...)',
                        'examples' => 'Give examples...',
                        'options' => '',
                        'license' => 'GNU GPL - free software!',
                        'author' => '[Author name]',

Definition at line 68 of file class.t3lib_cli.php.

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