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t3lib_ajax Class Reference

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 getJScode ($handlerFunction, $fallback='', $debug=0)
 outputXMLreply ($innerXML)

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t3lib_ajax::getJScode ( handlerFunction,
fallback = '',
debug = 0 

Gets the JavaScript code needed to handle an XMLHTTP request in the frontend. All JS functions have to call ajax_doRequest(url) to make a request to the server. USE: See examples of using this function in template.php -> getContextMenuCode and alt_clickmenu.php -> printContent

string JS function handling the XML data from the server. That function gets the returned XML data as parameter.
string JS fallback function which is called with the URL of the request in case ajax is not available.
boolean If set to 1, the returned XML data is outputted as text in an alert window - useful for debugging, PHP errors are shown there, ...
string JavaScript code needed to make and handle an XMLHTTP request

Definition at line 59 of file class.t3lib_ajax.php.

Referenced by template::getContextMenuCode().

t3lib_ajax::outputXMLreply ( innerXML  ) 

Function outputting XML data for TYPO3 ajax. The function directly outputs headers and content to the browser.

string $innerXML XML data which will be sent to the browser

Definition at line 117 of file class.t3lib_ajax.php.

Referenced by SC_alt_clickmenu::printContent().

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