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Public Member Functions

 soapval ($name='soapval', $type=false, $value=-1, $element_ns=false, $type_ns=false, $attributes=false)
 serialize ($use='encoded')
 decode ()

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Detailed Description

For creating serializable abstractions of native PHP types. This class allows element name/namespace, XSD type, and XML attributes to be associated with a value. This is extremely useful when WSDL is not used, but is also useful when WSDL is used with polymorphic types, including xsd:anyType and user-defined types.

Dietrich Ayala <>
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Member Function Documentation

soapval::soapval ( name = 'soapval',
type = false,
value = -1,
element_ns = false,
type_ns = false,
attributes = false 


string $name optional name
mixed $type optional type name
mixed $value optional value
mixed $element_ns optional namespace of value
mixed $type_ns optional namespace of type
mixed $attributes associative array of attributes to add to element serialization public

Definition at line 1947 of file class.nusoap.php.

References $attributes, $element_ns, $name, $type, $type_ns, and $value.

soapval::serialize ( use = 'encoded'  ) 

return serialized value

string $use The WSDL use value (encoded|literal)
string XML data public

Definition at line 1964 of file class.nusoap.php.

References nusoap_base::serialize_val().

soapval::decode (  ) 

decodes a soapval object into a PHP native type

mixed public

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