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perf_informix Class Reference

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Public Member Functions

 perf_informix (&$conn)

Public Attributes

 $tablesSQL = "select a.tabname tablename, ti_nptotal*2 size_in_k, ti_nextns extents, ti_nrows records from systables c, sysmaster:systabnames a, sysmaster:systabinfo b where c.tabname not matches 'sys*' and c.partnum = a.partnum and c.partnum = b.ti_partnum"

Detailed Description

Definition at line 22 of file

Member Data Documentation


Initial value:

 "CREATE TABLE adodb_logsql (
                created datetime year to second NOT NULL,
                sql0 varchar(250) NOT NULL,
                sql1 varchar(255) NOT NULL,
                params varchar(255) NOT NULL,
                tracer varchar(255) NOT NULL,
                timer decimal(16,6) NOT NULL

Reimplemented from adodb_perf.

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Initial value:

                'data cache hit ratio' => array('RATIOH',
                "select round((1-(wt.value / (rd.value + wr.value)))*100,2)
                from sysmaster:sysprofile wr, sysmaster:sysprofile rd, sysmaster:sysprofile wt
                where = 'pagreads' and
       = 'pagwrites' and
       = 'buffwts'",
                'data reads' => array('IO',
                "select value from sysmaster:sysprofile where name='pagreads'",
                'Page reads'),
                'data writes' => array('IO',
                "select value from sysmaster:sysprofile where name='pagwrites'",
                'Page writes'),
                'current connections' => array('SESS',
                'select count(*) from sysmaster:syssessions',
                'Number of sessions'),

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