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gzip_encode Class Reference

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 gzip_encode ($level=3, $debug=false, $outputCompressedSizes=0)
 gzip_accepted ()
 get_complevel ()
 linux_loadavg ()
 freebsd_loadavg ()

Public Attributes

 $_version = 0.66

Detailed Description

News: I had once said that when PHP 4.0.5 comes out I will reccomend the built in ob_gzhandler over my code unless you are generating flash or images on the fly.

I was wrong. PHP 4.0.5 is out and ob_gzhandler doesn't work for me.

Note: This is rather cool: It will calculate the effects of this class on a page. compression level, cpu time, download time, etc

Note: this may be better for some sites: I've read that the above doesn't work with PHP output.

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2005-12-09 Peter Niederlag <>

class.gzip_encode.php 1421 2006-04-10 09:27:15Z mundaun

Sandy McArthur, Jr. <>

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