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SC_mod_user_task_index Class Reference

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Public Member Functions

 includeAllClasses ()
 main ()
 getleftHeader ()
 getMainContent ()
 printContent ()

Public Attributes

 $allExtClassConf = array()
$extObj backPath = $this->backPath
 $part = $extObj->overview_main()

Detailed Description

Definition at line 50 of file index.php.

Member Function Documentation

SC_mod_user_task_index::includeAllClasses (  ) 

This makes sure that all classes of task-center related extensions are included Further it registers the classes in the variable $this->allExtClassConf


Definition at line 61 of file index.php.

References t3lib_SCbase::getExternalItemConfig().

SC_mod_user_task_index::main (  ) 

This is the main function called by the TYPO3 framework

string The conntent of the module (HTML)

Definition at line 76 of file index.php.

References $BE_USER, backPath, getMainContent(), and t3lib_div::makeInstance().

SC_mod_user_task_index::getleftHeader (  ) 

Generate the header of the left column

string header in the left side (HTML)

Definition at line 153 of file index.php.

SC_mod_user_task_index::getMainContent (  ) 

Get the main content for the module by initiating the external object (if any) and calling it's main function.

string main content (HTML)

Definition at line 165 of file index.php.

References backPath.

Referenced by main().

SC_mod_user_task_index::printContent (  ) 

Output the content of the object to the browser


Definition at line 178 of file index.php.

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