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SC_browse_links Class Reference

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 init ()
 main ()
 printContent ()

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SC_browse_links::init (  ) 

not really needed but for backwards compatibility ...


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References t3lib_div::_GP(), and t3lib_div::makeInstance().

SC_browse_links::main (  ) 

Main function, detecting the current mode of the element browser and branching out to internal methods.


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References t3lib_div::getUserObj(), and t3lib_div::makeInstance().

SC_browse_links::printContent (  ) 

Print module content


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Member Data Documentation


The mode determines the main kind of output from the element browser. There are these options for values: rte, db, file, filedrag, wizard. "rte" will show the link selector for the Rich Text Editor (see main_rte()) "db" will allow you to browse for pages or records in the page tree (for TCEforms, see main_db()) "file"/"filedrag" will allow you to browse for files or folders in the folder mounts (for TCEforms, main_file()) "wizard" will allow you to browse for links (like "rte") which are passed back to TCEforms (see main_rte(1))

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