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ADODB_pdo_oci Class Reference

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Public Member Functions

 _init ($parentDriver)
MetaTables ($ttype=false, $showSchema=false, $mask=false)
MetaColumns ($table)

Public Attributes

 $concat_operator = '||'
 maximum size of blobs or large text fields (262144 = 256K)-- some db's die otherwise like foxpro
 $sysDate = "TRUNC(SYSDATE)"
 Use 'true' to store the item compressed (uses zlib).
 $sysTimeStamp = 'SYSDATE'
 name of function that returns the current date
 $random = "abs(mod(DBMS_RANDOM.RANDOM,10000001)/10000000)"
 string length ofperator
 $metaTablesSQL = "select table_name,table_type from cat where table_type in ('TABLE','VIEW')"
 $metaColumnsSQL = "select cname,coltype,width, SCALE, PRECISION, NULLS, DEFAULTVAL from col where tname='%s' order by colno"
 $_initdate = true
 $_hasdual = true

Detailed Description

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Member Function Documentation

& ADODB_pdo_oci::MetaTables ( ttype = false,
showSchema = false,
mask = false 

ttype can either be 'VIEW' or 'TABLE' or false. If false, both views and tables are returned. "VIEW" returns only views "TABLE" returns only tables
showSchema returns the schema/user with the table name, eg. USER.TABLE
mask is the input mask - only supported by oci8 and postgresql
array of tables for current database.

Reimplemented from ADODB_pdo.

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References ADOConnection::MetaTables(), and ADOConnection::qstr().

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