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ADODB_netezza Class Reference

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Public Member Functions

 ADODB_netezza ()
MetaColumns ($table, $upper=true)

Public Attributes

 $databaseType = 'netezza'
 $dataProvider = 'netezza'
 $hasInsertID = false
 $_resultid = false
 $concat_operator = '||'
 maximum size of blobs or large text fields (262144 = 256K)-- some db's die otherwise like foxpro
 $random = 'random'
 string length ofperator
 $metaDatabasesSQL = "select objname from _v_object_data where objtype='database' order by 1"
 character set to use - only for interbase, postgres and oci8
 $metaTablesSQL = "select objname from _v_object_data where objtype='table' order by 1"
 $isoDates = true
 error function to call
 $sysDate = "CURRENT_DATE"
 Use 'true' to store the item compressed (uses zlib).
 $sysTimeStamp = "CURRENT_TIMESTAMP"
 name of function that returns the current date
 $blobEncodeType = 'C'
 $metaColumnsSQL = "SELECT attname, atttype FROM _v_relation_column_def WHERE name = '%s' AND attnum > 0 ORDER BY attnum"
 $metaColumnsSQL1 = "SELECT attname, atttype FROM _v_relation_column_def WHERE name = '%s' AND attnum > 0 ORDER BY attnum"
 $metaKeySQL = ""
 $hasAffectedRows = true
 supports autoincrement ID?
 $hasLimit = true
 support mssql/access SELECT TOP 10 * FROM TABLE
 $true = 't'
 used by DBTimeStamp as the default timestamp fmt.
 $false = 'f'
 string that represents TRUE for a database
 $fmtDate = "'Y-m-d'"
 uppercase function
 $fmtTimeStamp = "'Y-m-d G:i:s'"
 used by DBDate() as the default date format used by the database
 $ansiOuter = true
 operator to use for right outer join in WHERE clause
 $autoRollback = true
 random function

Detailed Description

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Member Function Documentation

& ADODB_netezza::MetaColumns ( table,
upper = true 

List columns in a database as an array of ADOFieldObjects. See top of file for definition of object.

$table table name to query
$normalize makes table name case-insensitive (required by some databases) is optional database schema to use - not supported by all databases.
array of ADOFieldObjects for current table.

Reimplemented from ADODB_postgres64.

Definition at line 56 of file

References ADOConnection::Execute(), and ADOConnection::SetFetchMode().

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