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ADODB_ado_mssql Class Reference

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Public Member Functions

 ADODB_ado_mssql ()
 _insertid ()
 _affectedrows ()
 SetTransactionMode ($transaction_mode)
 MetaColumns ($table)
 CreateSequence ($seq='adodbseq', $start=1)
 GenID ($seq='adodbseq', $start=1)

Public Attributes

 $databaseType = 'ado_mssql'
 $hasTop = 'top'
 supports affected rows for update/delete?
 $hasInsertID = true
 $sysDate = 'convert(datetime,convert(char,GetDate(),102),102)'
 Use 'true' to store the item compressed (uses zlib).
 $sysTimeStamp = 'GetDate()'
 name of function that returns the current date
 $leftOuter = '*='
 indicates that all fields in order by must be unique
 $rightOuter = '=*'
 operator to use for left outer join in WHERE clause
 $ansiOuter = true
 operator to use for right outer join in WHERE clause
 $substr = "substring"
 default concat operator -- change to || for Oracle/Interbase
 $length = 'len'
 substring operator
 $_dropSeqSQL = "drop table %s"

Detailed Description

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Member Function Documentation

ADODB_ado_mssql::GenID ( seq = 'adodbseq',
start = 1 

Generates a sequence id and stores it in $this->genID; GenID is only available if $this->hasGenID = true;

seqname name of sequence to use
startID if sequence does not exist, start at this ID
0 if not supported, otherwise a sequence id

Reimplemented from ADOConnection.

Definition at line 114 of file

References ADOConnection::Execute(), and ADOConnection::GetOne().

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