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ADODB_access Class Reference

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Public Member Functions

 ADODB_access ()
 Time ()
 BeginTrans ()
 IfNull ($field, $ifNull)

Public Attributes

 $databaseType = 'access'
 $hasTop = 'top'
 supports affected rows for update/delete?
 $fmtDate = "#Y-m-d#"
 uppercase function
 $fmtTimeStamp = "#Y-m-d h:i:sA#"
 used by DBDate() as the default date format used by the database
 $_bindInputArray = false
 A boolean variable to state whether its a persistent connection or normal connection. */.
 $sysDate = "FORMAT(NOW,'yyyy-mm-dd')"
 Use 'true' to store the item compressed (uses zlib).
 $sysTimeStamp = 'NOW'
 name of function that returns the current date
 $hasTransactions = false
 can generate sequences using GenID();

Detailed Description

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Member Function Documentation

ADODB_access::BeginTrans (  ) 

Begin a Transaction. Must be followed by CommitTrans() or RollbackTrans().

true if succeeded or false if database does not support transactions

Reimplemented from ADODB_odbc.

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