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ADODB_Pager Class Reference

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Public Member Functions

 ADODB_Pager (&$db, $sql, $id= 'adodb', $showPageLinks=false)
 Render_First ($anchor=true)
 render_next ($anchor=true)
 render_last ($anchor=true)
 render_pagelinks ()
 render_prev ($anchor=true)
 RenderGrid ()
 RenderNav ()
 RenderPageCount ()
 Render ($rows=10)
 RenderLayout ($header, $grid, $footer, $attributes='border=1 bgcolor=beige')

Public Attributes

 $linksPerPage = 10
 $gridAttributes = 'width=100% border=1 bgcolor=white'
 $first = '<code>|&lt;</code>'
 $prev = '<code>&lt;&lt;</code>'
 $next = '<code>>></code>'
 $last = '<code>>|</code>'
 $moreLinks = '...'
 $startLinks = '...'
 $gridHeader = false
 $htmlSpecialChars = true
 $page = 'Page'
 $linkSelectedColor = 'red'
 $cache = 0

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