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ADODB_ODBC_DB2 Class Reference

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Public Member Functions

 IfNull ($field, $ifNull)
 ServerInfo ()
 _insertid ()
 RowLock ($tables, $where, $flds='1 as ignore')
MetaTables ($ttype=false, $showSchema=false, $qtable="%", $qschema="%")
MetaIndexes ($table, $primary=FALSE, $owner=false)
 SQLDate ($fmt, $col=false)
SelectLimit ($sql, $nrows=-1, $offset=-1, $inputArr=false)

Public Attributes

 $databaseType = "db2"
 $concat_operator = '||'
 maximum size of blobs or large text fields (262144 = 256K)-- some db's die otherwise like foxpro
 $sysTime = 'CURRENT TIME'
 $sysDate = 'CURRENT DATE'
 Use 'true' to store the item compressed (uses zlib).
 $sysTimeStamp = 'CURRENT TIMESTAMP'
 name of function that returns the current date
 $fmtTimeStamp = "'Y-m-d-H.i.s'"
 used by DBDate() as the default date format used by the database
 $ansiOuter = true
 operator to use for right outer join in WHERE clause
 $identitySQL = 'values IDENTITY_VAL_LOCAL()'
 $_bindInputArray = true
 A boolean variable to state whether its a persistent connection or normal connection. */.
 $hasInsertID = true
 $rsPrefix = 'ADORecordset_odbc_'

Detailed Description

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Member Function Documentation

ADODB_ODBC_DB2::ServerInfo (  ) 

Get server version info...

An array with 2 elements: $arr['string'] is the description string, and $arr[version] is the version (also a string).

Reimplemented from ADODB_odbc.

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References ADOConnection::GetOne().

& ADODB_ODBC_DB2::MetaIndexes ( table,
primary = FALSE,
owner = false 

List indexes on a table as an array.

table table name to query
primary true to only show primary keys. Not actually used for most databases
array of indexes on current table. Each element represents an index, and is itself an associative array.
Array ( [name_of_index] => Array ( [unique] => true or false [columns] => Array ( [0] => firstname [1] => lastname ) )

Reimplemented from ADOConnection.

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References ADOConnection::$false, ADOConnection::Execute(), and ADOConnection::SetFetchMode().

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