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wslib Class Reference

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 getCmdArrayForPublishWS ($wsid, $doSwap, $pageId=0)
 selectVersionsInWorkspace ($wsid, $filter=0, $stage=-99, $pageId=-1)
 CLI_main ()
 autoPublishWorkspaces ()

Detailed Description

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Member Function Documentation

wslib::autoPublishWorkspaces  ) 

CLI internal function: Will search for workspaces which has timed out regarding publishing and publish them


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References t3lib_BEfunc::deleteClause(), getCmdArrayForPublishWS(), and t3lib_div::makeInstance().

Referenced by CLI_main().

wslib::CLI_main  ) 

Main function to call from cli-script


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References autoPublishWorkspaces().

wslib::getCmdArrayForPublishWS wsid,
pageId = 0

Building tcemain CMD-array for swapping all versions in a workspace.

integer Real workspace ID, cannot be ONLINE (zero).
boolean If set, then the currently online versions are swapped into the workspace in exchange for the offline versions. Otherwise the workspace is emptied.
[type] $pageId: ...
array Command array for tcemain

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References t3lib_BEfunc::getRecord(), and selectVersionsInWorkspace().

Referenced by autoPublishWorkspaces().

wslib::selectVersionsInWorkspace wsid,
filter = 0,
stage = -99,
pageId = -1

Select all records from workspace pending for publishing Used from backend to display workspace overview User for auto-publishing for selecting versions for publication

integer Workspace ID. If -99, will select ALL versions from ANY workspace. If -98 will select all but ONLINE. >=-1 will select from the actual workspace
integer Lifecycle filter: 1 = select all drafts (never-published), 2 = select all published one or more times (archive/multiple), anything else selects all.
integer Stage filter: -99 means no filtering, otherwise it will be used to select only elements with that stage. For publishing, that would be "10"
integer Page id: Live page for which to find versions in workspace!
array Array of all records uids etc. First key is table name, second key incremental integer. Records are associative arrays with uid, t3ver_oid and t3ver_swapmode fields. The REAL pid of the online record is found as "realpid"

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References t3lib_BEfunc::deleteClause().

Referenced by getCmdArrayForPublishWS().

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