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tslib_frameset Class Reference

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 make ($setup)
 frameParams ($setup, $typeNum)
 framesetParams ($setup)

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Member Function Documentation

tslib_frameset::frameParams setup,

Creates the attributes for at <frame> tag based on a $conf array and the type number

array Configuration for the parameter generation for the FRAME set. See link
integer The typenumber to use for the link.
string String with attributes for the frame-tag. With a prefixed space character. private &tx_extrepmgm_pi1[extUid]=270&tx_extrepmgm_pi1[tocEl]=344&cHash=63ae959c9a make(), t3lib_TStemplate::linkData()

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tslib_frameset::framesetParams setup  ) 

Creates the attributes for a <frameset> tag based on a conf array ($setup)

array The setup array (TypoScript properties)
string Attributes with preceeding space. private
See also:

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tslib_frameset::make setup  ) 

Generates a frameset based on input configuration in a TypoScript array.

array The TypoScript properties of the PAGE object property "frameSet.". See link.
string A <frameset> tag.
See also:
TSpagegen::renderContentWithHeader() &tx_extrepmgm_pi1[extUid]=270&tx_extrepmgm_pi1[tocEl]=343&cHash=41ca925386

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References t3lib_div::makeInstance(), and t3lib_TStemplate::sortedKeyList().

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