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tslib_feUserAuth Class Reference

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Public Member Functions

 fetchGroupData ()
 getUserTSconf ()
 fetchSessionData ()
 storeSessionData ()
 getKey ($type, $key)
 setKey ($type, $key, $data)
 record_registration ($recs, $maxSizeOfSessionData=0)

Public Attributes

 $session_table = 'fe_sessions'
 $name = 'fe_typo_user'
 $get_name = 'ftu'
 $user_table = 'fe_users'
 $username_column = 'username'
 $userident_column = 'password'
 $userid_column = 'uid'
 $lastLogin_column = 'lastlogin'
 $formfield_uname = 'user'
 $formfield_uident = 'pass'
 $formfield_chalvalue = 'challenge'
 $formfield_status = 'logintype'
 $security_level = ''
 $auth_include = ''
 $auth_timeout_field = 6000
 $lifetime = 0
 $sendNoCacheHeaders = 0
 $getFallBack = 1
 $hash_length = 10
 $getMethodEnabled = 1
 $usergroup_column = 'usergroup'
 $usergroup_table = 'fe_groups'
 $TSdataArray = array()
 $userTS = array()
 $userTSUpdated = 0
 $showHiddenRecords = 0
 $sesData = Array()
 $sesData_change = 0
 $userData_change = 0

Detailed Description

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Member Function Documentation

tslib_feUserAuth::fetchGroupData  ) 

Will select all fe_groups records that the current fe_user is member of - and which groups are also allowed in the current domain. It also accumulates the TSconfig for the fe_user/fe_groups in ->TSdataArray

integer Returns the number of usergroups for the frontend users (if the internal user record exists and the usergroup field contains a value)

Definition at line 143 of file class.tslib_feuserauth.php.

References $groupData, t3lib_div::array_merge(), t3lib_div::arrayToLogString(), t3lib_div::devLog(), t3lib_userAuth::getAuthInfoArray(), and t3lib_div::makeInstanceService().

tslib_feUserAuth::fetchSessionData  ) 

Fetches the session data for the user (from the fe_session_data table) based on the ->id of the current user-session. The session data is restored to $this->sesData 1/100 calls will also do a garbage collection.

void private
See also:

Definition at line 278 of file class.tslib_feuserauth.php.

tslib_feUserAuth::getKey type,

Returns session data for the fe_user; Either persistent data following the fe_users uid/profile (requires login) or current-session based (not available when browse is closed, but does not require login)

string Session data type; Either "user" (persistent, bound to fe_users profile) or "ses" (temporary, bound to current session cookie)
string Key from the data array to return; The session data (in either case) is an array ($this->uc / $this->sesData) and this value determines which key to return the value for.
mixed Returns whatever value there was in the array for the key, $key
See also:

Definition at line 326 of file class.tslib_feuserauth.php.

Referenced by record_registration().

tslib_feUserAuth::getUserTSconf  ) 

Returns the parsed TSconfig for the fe_user First time this function is called it will parse the TSconfig and store it in $this->userTS. Subsequent requests will not re-parse the TSconfig but simply return what is already in $this->userTS

array TSconfig array for the fe_user

Definition at line 233 of file class.tslib_feuserauth.php.

References $userTS, t3lib_TSparser::checkIncludeLines_array(), and t3lib_div::makeInstance().

tslib_feUserAuth::record_registration recs,
maxSizeOfSessionData = 0

Registration of records/"shopping basket" in session data This will take the input array, $recs, and merge into the current "recs" array found in the session data. If a change in the recs storage happens (which it probably does) the function setKey() is called in order to store the array again.

array The data array to merge into/override the current recs values. The $recs array is constructed as [table]][uid] = scalar-value (eg. string/integer).
integer The maximum size of stored session data. If zero, no limit is applied and even confirmation of cookie session is discarded.

Definition at line 377 of file class.tslib_feuserauth.php.

References getKey(), and setKey().

tslib_feUserAuth::setKey type,

Saves session data, either persistent or bound to current session cookie. Please see getKey() for more details. When a value is set the flags $this->userData_change or $this->sesData_change will be set so that the final call to ->storeSessionData() will know if a change has occurred and needs to be saved to the database. Notice: The key "recs" is already used by the function record_registration() which stores table/uid=value pairs in that key. This is used for the shopping basket among other things. Notice: Simply calling this function will not save the data to the database! The actual saving is done in storeSessionData() which is called as some of the last things in index_ts.php. So if you exit before this point, nothing gets saved of course! And the solution is to call $GLOBALS['TSFE']->storeSessionData(); before you exit.

string Session data type; Either "user" (persistent, bound to fe_users profile) or "ses" (temporary, bound to current session cookie)
string Key from the data array to store incoming data in; The session data (in either case) is an array ($this->uc / $this->sesData) and this value determines in which key the $data value will be stored.
mixed The data value to store in $key
See also:
setKey(), storeSessionData(), record_registration()

Definition at line 351 of file class.tslib_feuserauth.php.

Referenced by record_registration().

tslib_feUserAuth::storeSessionData  ) 

Will write UC and session data. If the flag $this->userData_change has been set, the function ->writeUC is called (which will save persistent user session data) If the flag $this->sesData_change has been set, the fe_session_data table is updated with the content of $this->sesData (deleting any old record, inserting new)

See also:
fetchSessionData(), getKey(), setKey()

Definition at line 300 of file class.tslib_feuserauth.php.

References t3lib_userAuth::writeUC().

Member Data Documentation


Initial value:

 Array (
                'deleted' => 'deleted',
                'disabled' => 'disable',
                'starttime' => 'starttime',
                'endtime' => 'endtime'

Reimplemented from t3lib_userAuth.

Definition at line 90 of file class.tslib_feuserauth.php.


Initial value:

                'title' =>Array(),
                'uid' =>Array(),
                'pid' =>Array()

Definition at line 114 of file class.tslib_feuserauth.php.

Referenced by fetchGroupData().

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