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tslib_feTCE Class Reference

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Public Member Functions

 start ($data, $FEData)
 checkDoublePostExist ($table, $doublePostField, $key)
 calcDoublePostKey ($array)
 includeScripts ()
 execNEWinsert ($table, $dataArr)
 clear_cacheCmd ($cacheCmd)
 getConf ($table)

Public Attributes

 $extScripts = array()
 $extScriptsConf = array()
 $newData = array()
 $extraList = 'pid'

Detailed Description

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Member Function Documentation

tslib_feTCE::calcDoublePostKey array  ) 

Creates the double-post hash value from the input array

array The array with key/values to hash
integer And unsigned 32bit integer hash private

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Referenced by start().

tslib_feTCE::checkDoublePostExist table,

Checking if a "double-post" exists already. "Double-posting" is if someone refreshes a page with a form for the message board or guestbook and thus submits the element twice. Checking for double-posting prevents the second submission from being stored. This is done by saving the first record with a MD5 hash of the content - if this hash exists already, the record cannot be saved.

string The database table to check
string The fieldname from the database table to search
string The value to search for.
integer The number of found rows. If zero then no "double-post" was found and its all OK. private

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Referenced by start().

tslib_feTCE::clear_cacheCmd cacheCmd  ) 

Clear cache for page id. If the page id is the current page, then set_no_cache() is called (so page caching is disabled)

integer The page id for which to clear the cache
See also:

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tslib_feTCE::execNEWinsert table,

Method available to the submit scripts for creating insert queries. Automatically adds tstamp, crdate, cruser_id field/value pairs. Will allow only field names which are either found in $TCA[...][columns] OR in the $this->extraList Executes an insert query!

string The table name for which to create the insert statement
array Array with key/value pairs being field/values (already escaped)

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tslib_feTCE::getConf table  ) 

Return TypoScript configuration for a table name

string The table name for which to return TypoScript configuration (From TS: FEData.[table])
array TypoScript properties from FEData.[table] - if exists.

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tslib_feTCE::includeScripts  ) 

Includes the submit scripts found in ->extScripts (filled in by the start() function)

See also:
tslib_fe::fe_tce(), includeScripts()

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tslib_feTCE::start data,

Starting the processing of user input. Traverses the input data and fills in the array, $this->extScripts with references to files which are then included by includeScripts() (called AFTER start() in tslib_fe) These scripts will then put the content into the database.

array Input data coming from typ. $_POST['data'] vars
array TypoScript configuration for the FEDATA object, $this->config['FEData.']
See also:
tslib_fe::fe_tce(), includeScripts()

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References calcDoublePostKey(), checkDoublePostExist(), and t3lib_div::loadTCA().

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