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t3lib_basicFileFunctions Class Reference

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Public Member Functions

 init ($mounts, $f_ext)
 getTotalFileInfo ($wholePath)
 is_allowed ($iconkey, $type)
 checkIfFullAccess ($theDest)
 is_webpath ($path)
 checkIfAllowed ($ext, $theDest, $filename='')
 checkFileNameLen ($fileName)
 is_directory ($theDir)
 isPathValid ($theFile)
 getUniqueName ($theFile, $theDest, $dontCheckForUnique=0)
 checkPathAgainstMounts ($thePath)
 findFirstWebFolder ()
 blindPath ($thePath)
 findTempFolder ()
 cleanDirectoryName ($theDir)
 rmDoubleSlash ($string)
 slashPath ($path)
 cleanFileName ($fileName, $charset='')
 formatSize ($sizeInBytes)

Public Attributes

 $getUniqueNamePrefix = ''
 $maxNumber = 20
 $uniquePrecision = 6
 $maxInputNameLen = 60
 $tempFN = '_temp_'
 $f_ext = Array()
 $mounts = Array()
 $webPath = ''
 $isInit = 0

Detailed Description

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Member Function Documentation

t3lib_basicFileFunctions::blindPath thePath  ) 

Removes filemount part of a path, thus blinding the position. Takes a path, $thePath, and removes the part of the path which equals the filemount.

string $thePath is a path which MUST be found within one of the internally set filemounts, $this->mounts
string The processed input path

Definition at line 362 of file class.t3lib_basicfilefunc.php.

t3lib_basicFileFunctions::checkFileNameLen fileName  ) 

Returns true if the input filename string is shorter than $this->maxInputNameLen.

string Filename, eg "somefile.html"

Definition at line 241 of file class.t3lib_basicfilefunc.php.

Referenced by t3lib_extFileFunctions::func_newfile(), t3lib_extFileFunctions::func_newfolder(), and t3lib_extFileFunctions::func_rename().

t3lib_basicFileFunctions::checkIfAllowed ext,
filename = ''

If the filename is given, check it against the TYPO3_CONF_VARS[BE][fileDenyPattern] + Checks if the $ext fileextension is allowed in the path $theDest (this is based on whether $theDest is below the $this->webPath)

string File extension, eg. "php" or "html"
string Absolute path for which to test
string Filename to check against TYPO3_CONF_VARS[BE][fileDenyPattern]
boolean True if extension/filename is allowed

Definition at line 231 of file class.t3lib_basicfilefunc.php.

References is_allowed(), is_webpath(), and t3lib_div::verifyFilenameAgainstDenyPattern().

Referenced by t3lib_extFileFunctions::func_copy(), t3lib_extFileFunctions::func_edit(), t3lib_extFileFunctions::func_move(), t3lib_extFileFunctions::func_newfile(), t3lib_extFileFunctions::func_rename(), and t3lib_extFileFunctions::func_upload().

t3lib_basicFileFunctions::checkIfFullAccess theDest  ) 

Returns true if you can operate of ANY file ('*') in the space $theDest is in ('webspace' / 'ftpspace')

string Absolute path

Definition at line 197 of file class.t3lib_basicfilefunc.php.

References is_webpath().

Referenced by t3lib_extFileFunctions::func_copy(), t3lib_extFileFunctions::func_move(), and t3lib_extFileFunctions::func_unzip().

t3lib_basicFileFunctions::checkPathAgainstMounts thePath  ) 

Checks if $thePath is a path under one of the paths in $this->mounts See comment in the header of this class.

string $thePath MUST HAVE a trailing '/' in order to match correctly with the mounts
string The key to the first mount found, otherwise nothing is returned.
See also:

Definition at line 326 of file class.t3lib_basicfilefunc.php.

References t3lib_div::isFirstPartOfStr().

Referenced by t3lib_extFileFunctions::findRecycler(), t3lib_extFileFunctions::func_copy(), t3lib_extFileFunctions::func_delete(), t3lib_extFileFunctions::func_edit(), t3lib_extFileFunctions::func_move(), t3lib_extFileFunctions::func_newfile(), t3lib_extFileFunctions::func_newfolder(), t3lib_extFileFunctions::func_rename(), t3lib_extFileFunctions::func_unzip(), and t3lib_extFileFunctions::func_upload().

t3lib_basicFileFunctions::cleanDirectoryName theDir  ) 

Removes all dots, slashes and spaces after a path...

string Input string
string Output string

Definition at line 412 of file class.t3lib_basicfilefunc.php.

Referenced by t3lib_extFileFunctions::findRecycler(), and is_directory().

t3lib_basicFileFunctions::cleanFileName fileName,
charset = ''

Returns a string where any character not matching [.a-zA-Z0-9_-] is substituted by '_'

string Input string, typically the body of a filename
string Charset of the a filename (defaults to current charset; depending on context)
string Output string with any characters not matching [.a-zA-Z0-9_-] is substituted by '_'

Definition at line 446 of file class.t3lib_basicfilefunc.php.

References t3lib_div::makeInstance().

Referenced by t3lib_extFileFunctions::func_newfile(), t3lib_extFileFunctions::func_newfolder(), t3lib_extFileFunctions::func_rename(), and t3lib_extFileFunctions::func_upload().

t3lib_basicFileFunctions::findFirstWebFolder  ) 

Find first web folder (relative to PATH_site.'fileadmin') in filemounts array

string The key to the first mount inside PATH_site."fileadmin" found, otherwise nothing is returned.

Definition at line 342 of file class.t3lib_basicfilefunc.php.

References t3lib_div::isFirstPartOfStr().

t3lib_basicFileFunctions::findTempFolder  ) 

Find temporary folder Finds the first $this->tempFN ('_temp_' usually) -folder in the internal array of filemounts, $this->mounts

string Returns the path if found, otherwise nothing if error.

Definition at line 378 of file class.t3lib_basicfilefunc.php.

t3lib_basicFileFunctions::formatSize sizeInBytes  ) 

Formats an integer, $sizeInBytes, to Mb or Kb or just bytes

integer Bytes to be formated
string Formatted with M,K or    appended.

Definition at line 480 of file class.t3lib_basicfilefunc.php.

t3lib_basicFileFunctions::getTotalFileInfo wholePath  ) 

Returns an array with a whole lot of fileinformation.

string Filepath to existing file. Should probably be absolute. Filefunctions are performed on this value.
array Information about the file in the filepath

Definition at line 152 of file class.t3lib_basicfilefunc.php.

References t3lib_div::split_fileref().

t3lib_basicFileFunctions::getUniqueName theFile,
dontCheckForUnique = 0

Returns the destination path/filename of a unique filename/foldername in that path. If $theFile exists in $theDest (directory) the file have numbers appended up to $this->maxNumber. Hereafter a unique string will be appended. This function is used by fx. TCEmain when files are attached to records and needs to be uniquely named in the uploads/* folders

string The input filename to check
string The directory for which to return a unique filename for $theFile. $theDest MUST be a valid directory. Should be absolute.
boolean If set the filename is returned with the path prepended without checking whether it already existed!
string The destination absolute filepath (not just the name!) of a unique filename/foldername in that path.
See also:

Definition at line 283 of file class.t3lib_basicfilefunc.php.

References is_directory(), and t3lib_div::split_fileref().

Referenced by t3lib_extFileFunctions::func_copy(), t3lib_extFileFunctions::func_move(), and t3lib_extFileFunctions::func_upload().

t3lib_basicFileFunctions::init mounts,

Constructor This function should be called to initialise the internal arrays $this->mounts and $this->f_ext

A typical example of the array $mounts is this: $mounts[xx][path] = (..a mounted path..) the 'xx'-keys is just numerical from zero. There are also a [name] and [type] value that just denotes the mountname and type. Not used for athentication here. $this->mounts is traversed in the function checkPathAgainstMounts($thePath), and it is checked that $thePath is actually below one of the mount-paths The mountpaths are with a trailing '/'. $thePath must be with a trailing '/' also! As you can see, $this->mounts is very critical! This is the array that decides where the user will be allowed to copy files!! Typically the global var $WEBMOUNTS would be passed along as $mounts

A typical example of the array $f_ext is this: $f_ext['webspace']['allow']=''; $f_ext['webspace']['deny']='php3,php'; $f_ext['ftpspace']['allow']='*'; $f_ext['ftpspace']['deny']=''; The control of fileextensions goes in two catagories. Webspace and Ftpspace. Webspace is folders accessible from a webbrowser (below TYPO3_DOCUMENT_ROOT) and ftpspace is everything else. The control is done like this: If an extension matches 'allow' then the check returns true. If not and an extension matches 'deny' then the check return false. If no match at all, returns true. You list extensions comma-separated. If the value is a '*' every extension is allowed The list is case-insensitive when used in this class (see init()) Typically TYPO3_CONF_VARS['BE']['fileExtensions'] would be passed along as $f_ext.

Example: $basicff->init($GLOBALS['FILEMOUNTS'],$TYPO3_CONF_VARS['BE']['fileExtensions']);

array Contains the paths of the file mounts for the current BE user. Normally $GLOBALS['FILEMOUNTS'] is passed. This variable is set during backend user initialization; $FILEMOUNTS = $BE_USER->returnFilemounts(); (see typo3/init.php)
array Array with information about allowed and denied file extensions. Typically passed: $TYPO3_CONF_VARS['BE']['fileExtensions']
See also:
typo3/init.php, t3lib_userAuthGroup::returnFilemounts()

Definition at line 133 of file class.t3lib_basicfilefunc.php.

References $f_ext, $mounts, t3lib_div::getIndpEnv(), and t3lib_div::uniqueList().

t3lib_basicFileFunctions::is_allowed iconkey,

Checks if a $iconkey (fileextension) is allowed according to $this->f_ext.

string The extension to check, eg. "php" or "html" etc.
string Either "webspage" or "ftpspace" - points to a key in $this->f_ext
boolean True if file extension is allowed.

Definition at line 172 of file class.t3lib_basicfilefunc.php.

References t3lib_div::inList().

Referenced by checkIfAllowed().

t3lib_basicFileFunctions::is_directory theDir  ) 

Cleans $theDir for slashes in the end of the string and returns the new path, if it exists on the server.

string Directory path to check
string Returns the cleaned up directory name if OK, otherwise false.

Definition at line 251 of file class.t3lib_basicfilefunc.php.

References cleanDirectoryName(), and isPathValid().

Referenced by t3lib_extFileFunctions::func_copy(), t3lib_extFileFunctions::func_delete(), t3lib_extFileFunctions::func_move(), t3lib_extFileFunctions::func_newfile(), t3lib_extFileFunctions::func_newfolder(), t3lib_extFileFunctions::func_unzip(), t3lib_extFileFunctions::func_upload(), and getUniqueName().

t3lib_basicFileFunctions::is_webpath path  ) 

Checks if $this->webPath (should be TYPO3_DOCUMENT_ROOT) is in the first part of $path Returns true also if $this->init is not set or if $path is empty...

string Absolute path to check

Definition at line 211 of file class.t3lib_basicfilefunc.php.

References t3lib_div::isFirstPartOfStr(), and slashPath().

Referenced by checkIfAllowed(), and checkIfFullAccess().

t3lib_basicFileFunctions::isPathValid theFile  ) 

Wrapper for t3lib_div::validPathStr()

string Filepath to evaluate
boolean True, if no '//', '..' or '\' is in the $theFile
See also:

Definition at line 268 of file class.t3lib_basicfilefunc.php.

References t3lib_div::validPathStr().

Referenced by t3lib_extFileFunctions::findRecycler(), t3lib_extFileFunctions::func_copy(), t3lib_extFileFunctions::func_delete(), t3lib_extFileFunctions::func_move(), and is_directory().

t3lib_basicFileFunctions::rmDoubleSlash string  ) 

Converts any double slashes (//) to a single slash (/)

string Input value
string Returns the converted string

Definition at line 422 of file class.t3lib_basicfilefunc.php.

t3lib_basicFileFunctions::slashPath path  ) 

Returns a string which has a slash '/' appended if it doesn't already have that slash

string Input string
string Output string with a slash in the end (if not already there)

Definition at line 432 of file class.t3lib_basicfilefunc.php.

Referenced by is_webpath().

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