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perf_oci8 Class Reference

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Public Member Functions

 perf_oci8 (&$conn)
 WarnPageCost ($val)
 WarnIndexCost ($val)
 PGA ()
 Explain ($sql, $partial=false)
 CheckMemory ()
 tohtml (&$rs, $type)
 SuspiciousSQL ($numsql=10)
 ExpensiveSQL ($numsql=10)

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Detailed Description

Definition at line 18 of file

Member Data Documentation


Initial value:

 "CREATE TABLE adodb_logsql (
                  created date NOT NULL,
                  sql0 varchar(250) NOT NULL,
                  sql1 varchar(4000) NOT NULL,
                  params varchar(4000),
                  tracer varchar(4000),
                  timer decimal(16,6) NOT NULL

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Initial value:

 "select segment_name as \"tablename\", sum(bytes)/1024 as \"size_in_k\",tablespace_name as \"tablespace\",count(*) \"extents\" from sys.user_extents 
           group by segment_name,tablespace_name"

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