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Horde_Cipher_blowfish Class Reference

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Public Member Functions

 Cipher_blowfish ($params=null)
 setKey ($key)
 getBlockSize ()
 encryptBlock ($block, $key=null)
 _encryptBlock ($L, $R)
 decryptBlock ($block, $key=null)
 _formatKey ($key)

Public Attributes

 $_rounds = 16

Detailed Description

Definition at line 25 of file blowfish.php.

Member Function Documentation

Horde_Cipher_blowfish::_encryptBlock L,

Encrypt a block on data.

String $L The data to encrypt.
String $R The data to encrypt.
String The encrypted output.

Definition at line 401 of file blowfish.php.

Horde_Cipher_blowfish::_formatKey key  ) 

Converts a text key into an array.

array The key.

Definition at line 479 of file blowfish.php.

Referenced by setKey().

Horde_Cipher_blowfish::decryptBlock block,
key = null

Decrypt a block on data.

String $block The data to decrypt
optional String $key The key to use
String the decrypted output

Definition at line 433 of file blowfish.php.

Horde_Cipher_blowfish::encryptBlock block,
key = null

Encrypt a block on data.

String $block The data to encrypt
optional String $key The key to use
String the encrypted output

Definition at line 382 of file blowfish.php.

Horde_Cipher_blowfish::getBlockSize  ) 

Return the size of the blocks that this cipher needs

Integer The number of characters per block

Definition at line 369 of file blowfish.php.

Horde_Cipher_blowfish::setKey key  ) 

Set the key to be used for en/decryption

String $key The key to use

Definition at line 310 of file blowfish.php.

References _formatKey().

Member Data Documentation


Initial value:

            0x243F6A88, 0x85A308D3, 0x13198A2E, 0x03707344,
            0xA4093822, 0x299F31D0, 0x082EFA98, 0xEC4E6C89,
            0x452821E6, 0x38D01377, 0xBE5466CF, 0x34E90C6C,
            0xC0AC29B7, 0xC97C50DD, 0x3F84D5B5, 0xB5470917,
            0x9216D5D9, 0x8979FB1B)

Definition at line 28 of file blowfish.php.

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