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tx_taskcenterrecent Class Reference

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Public Member Functions

 overview_main (&$pObj)
 main ()
 renderRecentList ()
 renderRecent ()
 _renderRecent ()
 recent_linkLayoutModule ($str, $id)
 recent_linkEdit ($str, $table, $id)
 getRecentResPointer ($be_user_id)

Public Attributes

 $numberOfRecent = 6
 $numberOfRecentAll = 20
 $logWhere = " AND sys_log.event_pid>0 AND sys_log.type=1 AND sys_log.action=2 AND sys_log.error=0"

Detailed Description

Kasper Skrhj <>

Definition at line 31 of file class.tx_taskcenterrecent.php.

Member Function Documentation

tx_taskcenterrecent::overview_main &$  pObj  ) 

Makes the content for the overview frame...

Definition at line 39 of file class.tx_taskcenterrecent.php.

References t3lib_extobjbase::$pObj, mod_user_task::accessMod(), and renderRecentList().

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