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language Class Reference

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Public Member Functions

 init ($lang, $altPath='')
 addModuleLabels ($arr, $prefix)
 hscAndCharConv ($lStr, $hsc)
 makeEntities ($str)
 JScharCode ($str)
 getLL ($index, $hsc=0)
 getLLL ($index, $LOCAL_LANG, $hsc=0)
 sL ($input, $hsc=0)
 loadSingleTableDescription ($table)
 includeLLFile ($fileRef, $setGlobal=1, $mergeLocalOntoDefault=0)
 readLLfile ($fileRef)
 readLLXMLfile ($fileRef, $langKey)
 localizedFileRef ($fileRef)

Public Attributes

 $lang = 'default'
 $langSplit = 'default'
 $charSet = 'iso-8859-1'
 $charSetArray = array()
 $typo3_help_url = ''
 $moduleLabels = Array()
 $langSplitIndex = 0
 $LL_files_cache = array()
 $LL_labels_cache = array()
 $origCharSet = ''

Detailed Description

Definition at line 80 of file lang.php.

Member Function Documentation

language::addModuleLabels arr,

Adds labels and image references from the backend modules to the internal moduleLabels array

array Array with references to module labels, keys: ['labels']['tablabel'], ['labels']['tabdescr'], ['tabs']['tab']
string Module name prefix
See also:

Definition at line 173 of file lang.php.

language::getLL index,
hsc = 0

Returns the label with key $index form the globally loaded $LOCAL_LANG array. Mostly used from modules with only one LOCAL_LANG file loaded into the global space.

string Label key
boolean If set, the return value is htmlspecialchar'ed

Definition at line 250 of file lang.php.

language::getLLL index,
hsc = 0

Works like ->getLL() but takes the $LOCAL_LANG array used as the second argument instead of using the global array.

string Label key
array $LOCAL_LANG array to get label key from
boolean If set, the return value is htmlspecialchar'ed

Definition at line 267 of file lang.php.

language::hscAndCharConv lStr,

Will htmlspecialchar() the input string and before that any charset conversion will also have taken place if needed (see init()) Used to pipe language labels through just before they are returned.

string The string to process
boolean If set, then the string is htmlspecialchars()'ed
string The processed string
See also:

Definition at line 199 of file lang.php.

language::includeLLFile fileRef,
setGlobal = 1,
mergeLocalOntoDefault = 0

Includes locallang file (and possibly additional localized version if configured for) Read language labels will be merged with $LOCAL_LANG (if $setGlobal=1).

string $fileRef is a file-reference (see t3lib_div::getFileAbsFileName)
boolean Setting in global variable $LOCAL_LANG (or returning the variable)
boolean If $mergeLocalOntoDefault is set the local part of the $LOCAL_LANG array is merged onto the default part (if the local part exists) and the local part is unset.
mixed If $setGlobal is true the LL-files will set the $LOCAL_LANG in the global scope. Otherwise the $LOCAL_LANG array is returned from function

Definition at line 383 of file lang.php.

References t3lib_div::array_merge_recursive_overrule().

language::init lang,
altPath = ''

Initializes the backend language. This is for example done in typo3/template.php with lines like these:

require (PATH_typo3.'sysext/lang/lang.php'); $LANG = t3lib_div::makeInstance('language'); $LANG->init($BE_USER->uc['lang']);

string The language key (two character string from backend users profile)
string IGNORE. Not used.

Definition at line 128 of file lang.php.

References $lang, t3lib_div::makeInstance(), and t3lib_BEfunc::typo3PrintError().

language::JScharCode str  ) 

Converts the input string to a JavaScript function returning the same string, but charset-safe. Used for confirm and alert boxes where we must make sure that any string content does not break the script AND want to make sure the charset is preserved. Originally I used the JS function unescape() in combination with PHP function rawurlencode() in order to pass strings in a safe way. This could still be done for iso-8859-1 charsets but now I have applied the same method here for all charsets.

string Input string, encoded with $this->charSet
string Output string, a JavaScript function: "String.fromCharCode(......)"

Definition at line 231 of file lang.php.

language::loadSingleTableDescription table  ) 

Loading $TCA_DESCR[$table]['columns'] with content from locallang files as defined in $TCA_DESCR[$table]['refs'] $TCA_DESCR is a global var

string Table name found as key in global array $TCA_DESCR

Definition at line 331 of file lang.php.

language::localizedFileRef fileRef  ) 

Returns localized fileRef (.[langkey].php)

string Filename/path of a 'locallang.php' file
string Input filename with a '.[lang-key].php' ending added if $this->lang is not 'default'

Definition at line 548 of file lang.php.

language::makeEntities str  ) 

Will convert the input strings special chars (all above 127) to entities. The string is expected to be encoded in the charset, $this->charSet This function is used to create strings that can be used in the Click Menu (Context Sensitive Menus). The reason is that the values that are dynamically written into the

layer is decoded as iso-8859-1 no matter what charset is used in the document otherwise (only MSIE, Mozilla is OK). So by converting we by-pass this problem.

string Input string
string Output string

Definition at line 214 of file lang.php.

language::readLLfile fileRef  ) 

Includes a locallang file and returns the $LOCAL_LANG array found inside.

string Input is a file-reference (see t3lib_div::getFileAbsFileName) which, if exists, is included. That file is expected to be a 'local_lang' file containing a $LOCAL_LANG array.
array Value of $LOCAL_LANG found in the included file. If that array is found it's returned. Otherwise an empty array

Definition at line 428 of file lang.php.

References t3lib_div::getFileAbsFileName().

language::readLLXMLfile fileRef,

Includes a locallang-xml file and returns the $LOCAL_LANG array

string Absolute reference to locallang-XML file
string TYPO3 language key, eg. "dk" or "de" or "default"
array LOCAL_LANG array in return.

Definition at line 449 of file lang.php.

References t3lib_div::getFileAbsFileName(), t3lib_div::writeFileToTypo3tempDir(), and t3lib_div::xml2array().

language::sL input,
hsc = 0

splitLabel function Historically labels were exploded by '|' and each part would correspond to the translation of the language found at the same 'index' in the TYPO3_languages constant. Today all translations are based on $LOCAL_LANG variables. 'language-splitted' labels can therefore refer to a local-lang file + index instead! It's highly recommended to use the 'local_lang' method (and thereby it's highly depreciated to use 'language-splitted' label strings) Refer to 'Inside TYPO3' for more details

string Label key/reference
boolean If set, the return value is htmlspecialchar'ed

Definition at line 287 of file lang.php.

References t3lib_div::array_merge_recursive_overrule(), and t3lib_div::deHSCentities().

Member Data Documentation


Initial value:

                'dk' => '',

Definition at line 93 of file lang.php.

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