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This is the MAIN DOCUMENT of the TypoScript driven standard front-end (from the "cms" extension) Basically put this is the "index.php" script which all requests for TYPO3 delivered pages goes to in the frontend (the website) The script configures constants, includes libraries and does a little logic here and there in order to instantiate the right classes to create the webpage. All the real data processing goes on in the "tslib/" classes which this script will include and use as needed.

On UNIX: You should create a symlink to this file from the directory from which you want your TYPO3 website to run (which is ../) ln -s tslib/index_ts.php index.php

On Windows this file should copied to "index.php" in your website root (which is ../)

index_ts.php,v 1.24 2005/04/28 10:15:03 rupertgermann Exp
Revised for TYPO3 3.6 June/2003 by Kasper Skaarhoj

Kasper Skaarhoj <>

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