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zipfile Class Reference

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Public Member Functions

 unix2DosTime ($unixtime=0)
 addFile ($data, $name, $time=0)
 file ()

Public Attributes

 $datasec = array()
 $ctrl_dir = array()
 $eof_ctrl_dir = "\x50\x4b\x05\x06\x00\x00\x00\x00"
 $old_offset = 0

Detailed Description

Zip file creation class. Makes zip files.

Based on : By Eric Mueller <> by Denis125 <>

a patch from Peter Listiak <> for last modified date and time of the compressed file

Official ZIP file format:


Definition at line 25 of file zip.lib.php.

Member Function Documentation

zipfile::addFile data,
time = 0

Adds "file" to archive

string file contents
string name of the file in the archive (may contains the path)
integer the current timestamp

Definition at line 92 of file zip.lib.php.

References unix2DosTime().

zipfile::file  ) 

Dumps out file

string the zipped file

Definition at line 171 of file zip.lib.php.

zipfile::unix2DosTime unixtime = 0  ) 

Converts an Unix timestamp to a four byte DOS date and time format (date in high two bytes, time in low two bytes allowing magnitude comparison).

integer the current Unix timestamp
integer the current date in a four byte DOS format

Definition at line 66 of file zip.lib.php.

Referenced by addFile().

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