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tx_indexedsearch_modfunc2 Class Reference

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Public Member Functions

 main ()
 showStats ()
 listSeveralStats ($title, $addwhere, $conf)
 extGetTreeList ($id, $depth, $begin=0, $perms_clause)

Detailed Description


50: class tx_indexedsearch_modfunc2 extends t3lib_extobjbase 57: function main() 79: function showStats() 107: function listSeveralStats($title,$addwhere,$conf) 186: function extGetTreeList($id,$depth,$begin = 0,$perms_clause)

TOTAL FUNCTIONS: 4 (This index is automatically created/updated by the extension "extdeveval")

Definition at line 50 of file class.tx_indexedsearch_modfunc2.php.

Member Function Documentation

tx_indexedsearch_modfunc2::extGetTreeList id,
begin = 0,

Calls t3lib_tsfeBeUserAuth::extGetTreeList. Although this duplicates the function t3lib_tsfeBeUserAuth::extGetTreeList this is necessary to create the object that is used recursively by the original function.

Generates a list of Page-uid's from $id. List does not include $id itself The only pages excluded from the list are deleted pages.

integer Start page id
integer Depth to traverse down the page tree.
integer $begin is an optional integer that determines at which level in the tree to start collecting uid's. Zero means 'start right away', 1 = 'next level and out'
string Perms clause
string Returns the list with a comma in the end (if any pages selected!)

Definition at line 186 of file class.tx_indexedsearch_modfunc2.php.

References t3lib_tsfeBeUserAuth::extGetTreeList().

tx_indexedsearch_modfunc2::listSeveralStats title,

Generates html table with title and several statistics

string title for statistic, like 'Last 30 days' or 'Last 24 hours'
string add where for sql query
array configuration: words = max words for results, bid = pageid
string html table with results

Definition at line 107 of file class.tx_indexedsearch_modfunc2.php.

tx_indexedsearch_modfunc2::main  ) 

Calls showStats to generate output.

string html table with results from showStats()

Definition at line 57 of file class.tx_indexedsearch_modfunc2.php.

References t3lib_BEfunc::getFuncCheck(), and showStats().

tx_indexedsearch_modfunc2::showStats  ) 

Generates html table containing the statistics. Calls listSeveralStats 3 times, for all statistics, statistics of the last 30 days and statistics of the last 24 hours.

string html table with results

Definition at line 79 of file class.tx_indexedsearch_modfunc2.php.

Referenced by main().

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