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t3lib_sqlengine_resultobj Class Reference

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Public Member Functions

 sql_num_rows ()
 sql_fetch_assoc ()
 sql_fetch_row ()
 sql_data_seek ($pointer)
 sql_field_type ()

Public Attributes

 $result = array()
 $TYPO3_DBAL_handlerType = ''
 $TYPO3_DBAL_tableList = ''

Detailed Description

Definition at line 830 of file class.t3lib_sqlengine.php.

Member Function Documentation

t3lib_sqlengine_resultobj::sql_data_seek pointer  ) 

Seeking position in result

integer Position pointer.
boolean Returns true on success

Definition at line 882 of file class.t3lib_sqlengine.php.

t3lib_sqlengine_resultobj::sql_fetch_assoc  ) 

Fetching next row in result array

array Associative array

Definition at line 853 of file class.t3lib_sqlengine.php.

Referenced by sql_fetch_row().

t3lib_sqlengine_resultobj::sql_fetch_row  ) 

Fetching next row, numerical indices

array Numerical array

Definition at line 864 of file class.t3lib_sqlengine.php.

References sql_fetch_assoc().

t3lib_sqlengine_resultobj::sql_field_type  ) 

Returning SQL field type

string Blank string, not supported (it seems)

Definition at line 895 of file class.t3lib_sqlengine.php.

t3lib_sqlengine_resultobj::sql_num_rows  ) 

Counting number of rows


Definition at line 844 of file class.t3lib_sqlengine.php.

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