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t3lib_loadModules Class Reference

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Public Member Functions

 load ($modulesArray, $BE_USER='')
 checkExtensionModule ($name)
 checkMod ($name, $fullpath)
 checkModAccess ($name, $MCONF)
 parseModulesArray ($arr)
 cleanName ($str)
 getRelativePath ($baseDir, $destDir)

Public Attributes

 $modules = Array()
 $absPathArray = array()
 $modListGroup = Array()
 $modListUser = Array()
 $BE_USER = ''

Detailed Description

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Member Function Documentation

t3lib_loadModules::checkExtensionModule name  ) 

If the module name ($name) is a module from an extension (has path in $this->absPathArray) then that path is returned relative to PATH_site

string Module name
string If found, the relative path from PATH_site

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Referenced by load().

t3lib_loadModules::checkMod name,

Here we check for the module. Return values: 'notFound': If the module was not found in the path (no "conf.php" file) false: If no access to the module (access check failed) array(): Configuration array, in case a valid module where access IS granted exists.

string Module name
string Absolute path to module
mixed See description of function

Definition at line 385 of file class.t3lib_loadmodules.php.

References checkModAccess(), getRelativePath(), and t3lib_div::resolveBackPath().

Referenced by load().

t3lib_loadModules::checkModAccess name,

Returns true if the internal BE_USER has access to the module $name with $MCONF (based on security level set for that module)

string Module name
array MCONF array (module configuration array) from the modules conf.php file (contains settings about what access level the module has)
boolean True if access is granted for $this->BE_USER

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Referenced by checkMod().

t3lib_loadModules::cleanName str  ) 

The $str is cleaned so that it contains alphanumerical characters only. Modules must only consist of these characters

string String to clean up

Definition at line 517 of file class.t3lib_loadmodules.php.

t3lib_loadModules::getRelativePath baseDir,

Get relative path for $destDir compared to $baseDir

string Base directory
string Destination directory
string The relative path of destination compared to base.

Definition at line 528 of file class.t3lib_loadmodules.php.

Referenced by checkMod().

t3lib_loadModules::load modulesArray,
BE_USER = ''

Init. The outcome of the load() function will be a $this->modules array populated with the backend module structure available to the BE_USER Further the global var $LANG will have labels and images for the modules loaded in an internal array.

array $modulesArray should be the global var $TBE_MODULES, $BE_USER can optionally be set to an alternative Backend user object than the global var $BE_USER (which is the currently logged in user)
object Optional backend user object to use. If not set, the global BE_USER object is used.

Definition at line 97 of file class.t3lib_loadmodules.php.

References $BE_USER, checkExtensionModule(), checkMod(), and parseModulesArray().

t3lib_loadModules::parseModulesArray arr  ) 

Parses the moduleArray ($TBE_MODULES) into a internally useful structure. Returns an array where the keys are names of the module and the values may be true (only module) or an array (of submodules)

array moduleArray ($TBE_MODULES)
array Output structure with available modules

Definition at line 488 of file class.t3lib_loadmodules.php.

References t3lib_div::trimExplode().

Referenced by load().

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