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t3lib_formmail Class Reference

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Public Member Functions

 start ($V, $base64=1)
 addAttachment ($file, $filename)

Public Attributes

 $reserved_names = 'recipient,recipient_copy,auto_respond_msg,redirect,subject,attachment,from_email,from_name,replyto_email,replyto_name,organisation,priority,html_enabled,quoted_printable,submit_x,submit_y'

Detailed Description

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Member Function Documentation

t3lib_formmail::addAttachment file,

Adds an attachment to the mail

string The absolute path to the file to add as attachment
string The files original filename (not necessarily the same as the current since this could be uploaded files...)
boolean True if the file existed and was added. private

Definition at line 166 of file class.t3lib_formmail.php.

Referenced by start().

t3lib_formmail::start V,
base64 = 1

Start function This class is able to generate a mail in formmail-style from the data in $V Fields:

[recipient]: email-adress of the one to receive the mail. If array, then all values are expected to be recipients [attachment]: ....

[subject]: The subject of the mail [from_email]: Sender email. If not set, [email] is used [from_name]: Sender name. If not set, [name] is used [replyto_email]: Reply-to email. If not set [from_email] is used [replyto_name]: Reply-to name. If not set [from_name] is used [organisation]: Organisation (header) [priority]: Priority, 1-5, default 3 [html_enabled]: If mail is sent as html [quoted_printable]: if set, quoted-printable will be used instead of base 64

array Contains values for the field names listed above (with slashes removed if from POST input)
boolean Whether to base64 encode the mail content

Definition at line 95 of file class.t3lib_formmail.php.

References addAttachment(), t3lib_htmlmail::addPlain(), t3lib_htmlmail::encodeMsg(), t3lib_div::getIndpEnv(), t3lib_div::inList(), t3lib_div::intInRange(), t3lib_htmlmail::quoted_printable(), t3lib_htmlmail::setContent(), t3lib_htmlmail::setHeaders(), t3lib_htmlmail::setRecipient(), t3lib_div::unlink_tempfile(), t3lib_div::upload_to_tempfile(), and t3lib_htmlmail::useBase64().

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