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t3lib_beUserAuth Class Reference

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Public Member Functions

 trackBeUser ($flag)
 checkLockToIP ()
 backendCheckLogin ()
 checkCLIuser ()
 backendSetUC ()
 overrideUC ()
 resetUC ()
 emailAtLogin ()
 veriCode ()

Public Attributes

 $session_table = 'be_sessions'
 $name = 'be_typo_user'
 $user_table = 'be_users'
 $username_column = 'username'
 $userident_column = 'password'
 $userid_column = 'uid'
 $lastLogin_column = 'lastlogin'
 $notifyHeader = 'From: TYPO3 Login notify <no_reply@no_reply.no_reply>'
 $formfield_uname = 'username'
 $formfield_uident = 'userident'
 $formfield_chalvalue = 'challenge'
 $formfield_status = 'login_status'
 $security_level = 'superchallenged'
 $writeStdLog = 1
 $writeAttemptLog = 1
 $auth_include = ''
 $auth_timeout_field = 6000
 $lifetime = 0
 $challengeStoredInCookie = TRUE

Detailed Description

Definition at line 76 of file class.t3lib_beuserauth.php.

Member Function Documentation

t3lib_beUserAuth::backendCheckLogin  ) 

Check if user is logged in and if so, call ->fetchGroupData() to load group information and access lists of all kind, further check IP, set the ->uc array and send login-notification email if required. If no user is logged in the default behaviour is to exit with an error message, but this will happen ONLY if the constant TYPO3_PROCEED_IF_NO_USER is set true. This function is called right after ->start() in fx. init.php


Definition at line 189 of file class.t3lib_beuserauth.php.

References backendSetUC(), checkLockToIP(), emailAtLogin(), t3lib_userAuthGroup::fetchGroupData(), t3lib_userAuthGroup::isAdmin(), and t3lib_BEfunc::typo3PrintError().

t3lib_beUserAuth::backendSetUC  ) 

Initialize the internal ->uc array for the backend user Will make the overrides if necessary, and write the UC back to the be_users record if changes has happend


Definition at line 241 of file class.t3lib_beuserauth.php.

References t3lib_userAuthGroup::getTSConfigProp(), overrideUC(), t3lib_userAuth::unpack_uc(), and t3lib_userAuth::writeUC().

Referenced by backendCheckLogin(), and resetUC().

t3lib_beUserAuth::checkCLIuser  ) 

If the backend script is in CLI mode, it will try to load a backend user named by the CLI module name (in lowercase)

boolean Returns true if a CLI user was loaded, otherwise false!

Definition at line 217 of file class.t3lib_beuserauth.php.

References t3lib_userAuthGroup::isAdmin(), and t3lib_userAuth::setBeUserByName().

t3lib_beUserAuth::checkLockToIP  ) 

If TYPO3_CONF_VARS['BE']['enabledBeUserIPLock'] is enabled and an IP-list is found in the User TSconfig objString "options.lockToIP", then make an IP comparison with REMOTE_ADDR and return the outcome (true/false)

boolean True, if IP address validates OK (or no check is done at all) private

Definition at line 169 of file class.t3lib_beuserauth.php.

References t3lib_div::cmpIP(), t3lib_div::getIndpEnv(), and t3lib_userAuthGroup::getTSConfigVal().

Referenced by backendCheckLogin().

t3lib_beUserAuth::emailAtLogin  ) 

Will send an email notification to warning_email_address/the login users email address when a login session is just started. Depends on various parameters whether mails are send and to whom.

void private

Definition at line 300 of file class.t3lib_beuserauth.php.

References t3lib_div::getIndpEnv(), and t3lib_userAuthGroup::isAdmin().

Referenced by backendCheckLogin().

t3lib_beUserAuth::overrideUC  ) 

Override: Call this function every time the uc is updated. That is 1) by reverting to default values, 2) in the setup-module, 3) userTS changes (userauthgroup)


Definition at line 277 of file class.t3lib_beuserauth.php.

References t3lib_userAuthGroup::getTSConfigProp().

Referenced by backendSetUC().

t3lib_beUserAuth::resetUC  ) 

Clears the user[uc] and ->uc to blank strings. Then calls ->backendSetUC() to fill it again with reset contents


Definition at line 287 of file class.t3lib_beuserauth.php.

References backendSetUC().

t3lib_beUserAuth::trackBeUser flag  ) 

If flag is set and the extensions 'beuser_tracking' is loaded, this will insert a table row with the REQUEST_URI of current script - thus tracking the scripts the backend users uses... This function works ONLY with the "beuser_tracking" extension and is depreciated since it does nothing useful.

boolean Activate insertion of the URL.
void private

Definition at line 151 of file class.t3lib_beuserauth.php.

References t3lib_div::getIndpEnv(), and t3lib_extMgm::isLoaded().

t3lib_beUserAuth::veriCode  ) 

VeriCode returns 10 first chars of a md5 hash of the session cookie AND the encryptionKey from TYPO3_CONF_VARS. This code is used as an alternative verification when the JavaScript interface executes cmd's to tce_db.php from eg. MSIE 5.0 because the proper referer is not passed with this browser...


Definition at line 352 of file class.t3lib_beuserauth.php.

Member Data Documentation


Initial value:

 Array (
                'rootLevel' => 1,
                'deleted' => 'deleted',
                'disabled' => 'disable',
                'starttime' => 'starttime',
                'endtime' => 'endtime'

Reimplemented from t3lib_userAuth.

Definition at line 87 of file class.t3lib_beuserauth.php.


Initial value:

 Array (
//              'lang' => 'dk',         // this value will be transferred from $BE_USER->user[lang] if not set...
                'interfaceSetup' => '', // serialized content that is used to store interface pane and menu positions. Set by the logout.php-script
                'moduleData' => Array(),        // user-data for the modules
                'thumbnailsByDefault' => 0,
                'emailMeAtLogin' => 0,
                'condensedMode' => 0,
                'noMenuMode' => 0,
                'startInTaskCenter' => 0,
                'hideSubmoduleIcons' => 0,
                'helpText' => 1,
                'titleLen' => 30,
                'edit_wideDocument' => '0',
                'edit_showFieldHelp' => 'icon',
                'edit_RTE' => '1',
                'edit_docModuleUpload' => '1',
                'disableCMlayers' => 0,
                'navFrameWidth' => '',  // Default is 245 pixels
                'navFrameResizable' => 0,

Definition at line 121 of file class.t3lib_beuserauth.php.

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