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local_beUserAuth Class Reference

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Public Member Functions

 returnWebmounts ($pClause='')
 ext_non_readAccessPages ()
 user_where_clause ()
 ext_printOverview ($uInfo, $compareFlags, $printTrees=0)
 ext_getReadableButNonmounted ()
 ext_printPerms ($int)
 ext_groupPerms ($row, $firstGroup)
 ext_compileUserInfoForHash ()
 ext_uniqueAndSortList ($list)
 ext_ksortArrayRecursive (&$arr)

Public Attributes

 $ext_pageIdsFromMounts = ''
 $ext_non_readAccessPageArray = array()

Detailed Description

Definition at line 496 of file index.php.

Member Function Documentation

local_beUserAuth::ext_compileUserInfoForHash  ) 

Creates uInfo array for the user.

array Array with the information of the user for each analysis topic.

Definition at line 899 of file index.php.

References ext_ksortArrayRecursive(), ext_uniqueAndSortList(), and t3lib_div::makeInstance().

local_beUserAuth::ext_getReadableButNonmounted  ) 

Get HTML code for the pages which were mounted, but NOT readable!

string HTML code.

Definition at line 831 of file index.php.

References t3lib_BEfunc::getGroupNames(), t3lib_iconWorks::getIconImage(), t3lib_BEfunc::getUserNames(), t3lib_extMgm::isLoaded(), and t3lib_div::makeInstanceClassName().

local_beUserAuth::ext_groupPerms row,

returns the permissions for a group based of the perms_groupid of $row. If the $row[perms_groupid] equals the $firstGroup[uid] then the function returns perms_everybody OR'ed with perms_group, else just perms_everybody

array Page record.
array First-group record.
integer Permissions.

Definition at line 884 of file index.php.

local_beUserAuth::ext_ksortArrayRecursive &$  arr  ) 

Key sort input array recursively.

array Multidimensional array (value by reference!)

Definition at line 973 of file index.php.

Referenced by ext_compileUserInfoForHash().

local_beUserAuth::ext_non_readAccessPages  ) 

Based on the content of ->ext_non_readAccessPageArray (see returnWebmounts()) it generates visually formatted information about these non-readable mounts.

string HTML content showing which DB-mounts were not accessible for the user

Definition at line 532 of file index.php.

References t3lib_BEfunc::getRecordPath().

Referenced by ext_printOverview().

local_beUserAuth::ext_printOverview uInfo,
printTrees = 0

Creates the overview information based on which analysis topics were selected.

array Array of analysis topics
array Array of the selected analysis topics (from session variable somewhere)
boolean If set, the full trees of pages/folders are printed.
array Array with accumulated HTML content.

Definition at line 567 of file index.php.

References ext_non_readAccessPages(), t3lib_BEfunc::getExplicitAuthFieldValues(), t3lib_BEfunc::getLabelFromItemlist(), t3lib_BEfunc::getRecord(), t3lib_BEfunc::getSystemLanguages(), t3lib_userAuthGroup::isAdmin(), t3lib_div::loadTCA(), t3lib_div::makeInstance(), t3lib_div::makeInstanceClassName(), t3lib_userAuthGroup::returnFilemounts(), t3lib_userAuthGroup::returnWebmounts(), and t3lib_iconWorks::skinImg().

local_beUserAuth::ext_printPerms int  ) 

Print a set of permissions

integer The permissions integer.
string HTML formatted.

Definition at line 866 of file index.php.

local_beUserAuth::ext_uniqueAndSortList list  ) 

Sorts a commalist of values and removes duplicates.

string Commalist.
string Sorted, unique commalist.

Definition at line 959 of file index.php.

References t3lib_div::trimExplode().

Referenced by ext_compileUserInfoForHash().

local_beUserAuth::returnWebmounts pClause = ''  ) 

Returns an array of the webmounts for the user, with non-readable webmounts filtered out. If there are non-readable webmounts they are registered in $this->ext_non_readAccessPageArray (Extending function in parent class)

string alternative select clause (default is getPagePermsClause(1)). For instance to make sure that ALL webmounts are selected regardless of whether the user has read access or not, you can set this to "1=1".
array Webmounts id's

Definition at line 508 of file index.php.

References t3lib_userAuth::$id, t3lib_userAuthGroup::getPagePermsClause(), and t3lib_BEfunc::getRecord().

local_beUserAuth::user_where_clause  ) 

This returns the where-clause needed to select the user with respect flags like deleted, hidden, starttime, endtime


Reimplemented from t3lib_userAuth.

Definition at line 555 of file index.php.

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