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fileList_ext Class Reference

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Public Member Functions

 generateList ()
 addElement ($h, $icon, $data, $tdParams="", $lMargin="", $altLine='')
 writeBottom ()
 getImageList ($files)
 renderImage ($imgArr)

Detailed Description

Definition at line 55 of file index.php.

Member Function Documentation

fileList_ext::addElement h,
tdParams = "",
lMargin = "",
altLine = ''

Returns a table-row with the content from the fields in the input data array. OBS: $this->fieldArray MUST be set! (represents the list of fields to display)

integer $h is an integer >=0 and denotes how tall a element is. Set to '0' makes a halv line, -1 = full line, set to 1 makes a 'join' and above makes 'line'
string $icon is the+ of the record. If not supplied the first 'join'-icon will be a 'line' instead
array $data is the dataarray, record with the fields. Notice: These fields are (currently) NOT htmlspecialchar'ed before being wrapped in


string $tdParams is insert in the

-tags. Must carry a ' ' as first character

integer OBSOLETE - NOT USED ANYMORE. $lMargin is the leftMargin (integer)
string $altLine is the HTML-tag for an alternative 'gfx/ol/line.gif'-icon (used in the top)
string HTML content for the table row

Reimplemented from t3lib_recordList.

Definition at line 61 of file index.php.

fileList_ext::generateList  ) 

Reading files and directories, counting elements and generating the list in ->HTMLcode


Reimplemented from fileList.

Definition at line 56 of file index.php.

References fileList::readDirectory().

fileList_ext::writeBottom  ) 

Finishes the list with the "stopper"-gif, adding the HTML code for that item to the internal ->HTMLcode string


Reimplemented from t3lib_recordList.

Definition at line 64 of file index.php.

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