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PMA_StorageEngine Class Reference

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Public Member Functions

 getEngine ($engine)
 PMA_StorageEngine ($engine)
 getTitle ()
 getComment ()
 getSupportInformationMessage ()
 getVariables ()
 getVariablesLikePattern ()
 getInfoPages ()
 getPage ($id)

Public Attributes

 $engine = 'dummy'
 $title = 'PMA Dummy Engine Class'
 $comment = 'If you read this text inside phpMyAdmin, something went wrong...'

Detailed Description

Definition at line 107 of file storage_engines.lib.php.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

PMA_StorageEngine::PMA_StorageEngine engine  ) 


String The engine ID

Definition at line 138 of file storage_engines.lib.php.

References $engine.

Referenced by getEngine().

Member Function Documentation

PMA_StorageEngine::getComment  ) 

public String getComment ()

Fetches the server's comment about this engine

String The comment

Definition at line 180 of file storage_engines.lib.php.

PMA_StorageEngine::getEngine engine  ) 

public static final PMA_StorageEngine getEngine ()

Loads the corresponding engine plugin, if available.

String The engine ID
Object The engine plugin

Definition at line 122 of file storage_engines.lib.php.

References $engine, and PMA_StorageEngine().

PMA_StorageEngine::getInfoPages  ) 

public String[] getInfoPages ()

Returns a list of available information pages with labels

Array The list

Reimplemented in PMA_StorageEngine_innodb.

Definition at line 234 of file storage_engines.lib.php.

PMA_StorageEngine::getPage id  ) 

public String getPage ()

Generates the requested information page

String The page ID
String The page boolean or FALSE on error.

Reimplemented in PMA_StorageEngine_innodb.

Definition at line 248 of file storage_engines.lib.php.

PMA_StorageEngine::getSupportInformationMessage  ) 

public String getSupportInformationMessage ()

String The localized message.

Definition at line 189 of file storage_engines.lib.php.

PMA_StorageEngine::getTitle  ) 

public String getTitle ()

Reveals the engine's title

String The title

Definition at line 169 of file storage_engines.lib.php.

PMA_StorageEngine::getVariables  ) 

public String[][] getVariables ()

Generates a list of MySQL variables that provide information about this engine. This function should be overridden when extending this class for a particular engine.

Array The list of variables.

Reimplemented in PMA_StorageEngine_bdb, PMA_StorageEngine_innodb, and PMA_StorageEngine_myisam.

Definition at line 216 of file storage_engines.lib.php.

PMA_StorageEngine::getVariablesLikePattern  ) 

public String getVariablesLikePattern ()

Reimplemented in PMA_StorageEngine_bdb, PMA_StorageEngine_innodb, and PMA_StorageEngine_myisam.

Definition at line 223 of file storage_engines.lib.php.

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